Thursday, July 12, 2007

property on the moon!


At a time, when property prices are at an all time high, there are a few people who have made other choices. Some chose to live in rented homes, some decide they will wait for a better time to buy property. But I met one gentleman who has done something totally different. He bought property on the moon! Ever heard of that? Yes, that’s the latest in the field of property marketing. Buying plots on the moon and even acquiring citizenship of the moon is the in thing now.

21 year old Yasser Rehmaan, a youngster who is mainly into property dealing and stocks trading, decided he wanted to do something different for his 21st bday – the 6th of April 2007! A total net buff, he came across a site selling plots on the moon one day as he was surfing the net. But how was he so sure he is dealing with the right person and was actually buying property on the moon? “ the risk factor is always there, but it cost me just around $48, which is equivalent to about Rs 2000 in Indian currency and it is no big deal spending that much!” Yasser bought the plot not knowing whether he would even receive a receipt for the same. But he has been sent a certificate of citizenship, a picture of the moon , telling him where his plot is and a lot more. He has also been given mining rights- 5kms below the height of average terrain ( BHAT). His certificates are from Newyork. His plot is in the lake of dreams area which according to him is a prime property and will fetch him a good fortune 50 years down the line!

Property prices on the earth, might be sky high, but you can buy your share on the moon at a very reasonable price. So log onto and make your choice.

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popsie said...

Property on the moon - sounds kewl!! yet hard to believe.