Thursday, July 12, 2007

call the old man


We live in a posh building in a centrally located area in Chennai. Our building consists of just eight flats. One morning somebody rang our doorbell. As I opened the door I found a gentleman standing at the door. He said, “ One old man lives here. I would like to meet him.”
I said “ but there is no old man who lives here.
“ No no. He lives here only. I saw him go into this flat yesterday only.”

Just then the watchman interrupted and said “ I think he is asking for your father.”
“ Uncle you were asking for some old man that’s why I said that no old man lives here.”
“ The watchman says that the old man lives here only.”

Baba heard our conversation and came out. As soon as he saw the gentleman he said, “ Please come in Mr. Bhushan, why are you standing outside.”

I felt ashamed and said “ uncle I am sorry. My baba lives in this house and not any old man.”

I justified my statement by saying “ I never think my baba is old. He is just my baba.”

Uncle heard my statement and said “ that is the love of daughters. They never find their parents growing old.”

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shilpa said...

really nice one...i relate to this coz for me my dad is still the hero and can never grow old.. :)