Sunday, October 4, 2009


September 27th to Oct 3rd was called the Joy of giving week and across the country various events were organized during the week. I decided to be part of this week and share my joy with everyone. I first took part in the I love Chennai run on sunday morning which was part of the Chennai marathon. What an experience it was to run with 70,000 people. the heavens were pouring but did not deter the spirit of the runners. we knew we were running for a good cause- to educate 14,600 underpriveleged children. The second event that I was part of was the Battle of the Buffet. The brain child of Mahadevan of Oriental Cuisines. Savera, Raintree, Residency, GRT and Taj supported him and they served a lavish buffet to the donors. We paid 5000 each which is given in full to the NGO we support. I supported Tanker foundation and indeed Tanker sold the highest number of passes- a whopping 100! and I also got a free pass for Mom. so we both went for the event. It was a great evening. Suhasini Manirathnam was the compere and we got to hear a melodious kutchery by Sudha Raghunathan. I enjoyed listening to Brahma Mukute and Kurai Ondrum Illai! and then we headed off for dinner. The Strawberry mocktail was amazing. I chose to eat Chinese and the Oriental and Lebanese cuisine. The food was ok! The dessert very mediocre. I missed having a fresh fruit trifle. I did not indulge much in dessert because I am trying to get in shape! and Nina has just complimented me on my looks! Truly she keeps me motivated to get in shape! And other than mom she has taught me the Joy of giving! and it feels great to have been part of this lovely week! and now that I have learnt the Joy of giving, the Joy of touching lives and seeing a smile on someone's face, there is going to be no looking back! I will always share a smile, a hug and all that I can...because it means so much to be able to touch someone's life :-)

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