Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today is the 5th of September! Teachers day! I remember the days in school and college when we would scurry around to buy cards and roses for our teachers and try and entertain them a bit and make them feel pleased that one day of the year. but yeah along the years I have had some great teachers! All of whom have made such a big difference to my life! My childhood dream teacher was Radha at Bambino! I dont remember by fascination for her though people around me say how much I adored her! Shobhana Jayanth my class teacher in Class 5 when I joined Adarsh was another joy to learn from! Sad that she passed away suddenly but I do miss that great lady! Mythili Venkat, my neighbour first and then my english teacher in class 10 was a total fascination for me! I loved her english classes, her singing and her spirit totally! enjoyed my trip to Ooty with her! and sadness when she moved to Mumbai! I do remember crying when she left school! and now we are back in touch after a good 11 years thanks to the world of internet and of course by PR Skills! In college Dr Patricia Gabriel was the greatest professor one could have. Absolutely gritty, a typical scorpio she would sting and yet teach us to be on time! her lectures at super sonic speed were initially difficult to keep pace with! but later I enjoyed them the most! She would know my marks in every subject and keep track of me all the time! Had a ball with her during our trip to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. I still do keep in touch with her and cherish all the memories of my days at Stella Maris. Kudos to all my teachers whom I have loved and adored over the years! Each one in their own special way has shaped my life and made me what I am today! Happy teachers day to all of them!

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