Monday, October 12, 2009


As I went on a lazy Sunday evening stroll into the near by Odyssey store the big board at the entrance welcomed me......." Chetan Bhagat's 2 states" released on 9th October. The die hard Chetan Bhagat fan in me was tempted to buy the new book. A bright red cover and the excerpt of the book which said marriage between people of different communities totally convinced me that I would love reading it. Armed with the book I returned home, poured myself a glass of chilled milk and sat down to read the book. The cute lil love story of Krish and Ananya was exhilrating! The way they first meet and how Krish describes Ananya's looks. A fair South Indian!! he he! and How he begins teaching her economics and in the process they fall in love. Their days at IIM Ahemadabad. Their first smooch, the first time they sleep together..all vividly described. Then comes the time for their placements. Ananya chooses HLL and Krish Citibank. Krish does not get along with his dad and wants to live close to Ananya and chooses a posting in Chennai. His saga of convincing Anusha's parents- teaching her brother Manju for IIT, helping her dad with his presentation and giving her mom, an aspiring singer to perform with SPB! Finally they are convinced that he is their prospective son in law. Then it is Ananya's turn to go to Delhi and convince Krish's parents. She intervenes and saves his cousin Minti's marriage. Now that both parents were conviced they wonder who to make the families gel. A trip to Goa and things only get worse. Finally it is Krish's dad- the bad father all the while- who turns good at the end and makes the wedding happen. A typical South Indian wedding in a mandapam at Mylapore marks a new beginning for Krish and Ananya! The last page tells us that Krish and Ananya are blessed with twin boys!!
I couldnt put the book down until and finished and having read such a cute love story I went to bed with a lovely smile on my face :-)

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