Thursday, April 30, 2009


My mom discovered an awesome beauty tip. Thanks to Prema aunty n the acne on my back mommy found a way to do away with wrinkles. A tip from our very own kitchen!

Poppy seeds- Khus Khus
Kasturi Manjal- Turmeric
Aloe vera

Poppy seeds need to be powdered. but cannot be powdered easily so you need to roast them and then powder them. you will not get a fine paste. It will be a coarse paste. mix the paste with the kasturi manjal or turmeric. Add fresh aloe vera. the simplest way to grow aloe vera in your gadren. Cut a leaf, remove the skin and thorns and scoop out the gel. you can store the gel in the fridge. make a mixture of the gel, poppy seeds powder, turmeric and a little milk. Apply it on the face for about half an hour and wash off. It tightens your skin and does away with all the wrinkles and laugh lines. Use of turmeric is optional as it dicolors your skin.

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