Thursday, April 16, 2009


It has been over 3 years since I got into serious writing. The journey has been interesting and I have met some of the most lovely people during the course of writing. Some Whom I choose to make friends with and others whom I choose to admire from a distance! Last year my mothers day story took me to GG hospital and I met Dr Priya Selvaraj! I thought I was going to meet a stranger and she walks into the room saying, I just added you on facebook and your brithday is two days away! whoa what a surprise that was! There has been no looking back ever since! We exchanged mobile numbers and have exchanged umpteen silly sms's ever since! We are both crazy! After a lot of deciding we went out for dinner to the Taj mountroad on saturday and it was awesome to spend time with her and know her better! It is indeed nice to know the better side of socialites!
Another wonderful person whom I have known for 6 years and now I say I have slept over years of knowing her!! Lolz yeah Nina has been an acquaintance for 6 years and a good friend for the last 6 months! yeah that is how long I have taken to get over my shyness! I dont know how I am so shy with some people and not with the others! It has been amazing to see Nina's simplicity! She has been so affectionate and so approachable! And Smsng her at night seems to have become an addiction! Ofcourse I beleive that if there is something in common which has brought us close.....that has to be our love for Baba!
I am glad to have met such wonderful people along my journey as a writer!
And I am sure I do have a lot to learn from all the people around!
Love you guys and I hope to see more of you!

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