Monday, August 4, 2008


Hello.....I am back....No I did not attend the Nikah...went for a car rally instead. A rally organized by Inner wheel- Rotary club. It was a different kind of rally- a Photo shoot fun rally. We were four of us in a car- Padma, Kalpana, Sandhya and myself. Our car number was 5. My lucky number is 5 and Kalpana wore her lucky color orange! we were given a total of 32 clues and had to take pictures based on them. only one pic per clue and we could combine multiple clues in one photo to gain bonus points. some of the clues were outrageous- hugging a cop, dancing with a transgender, with a car being towed, wearing a lungi and standing with a porter at a railway station, doing push ups in the middle of the road. Gosh! We couldn't find a transgender, didnt get to the station, nor did we find a car being towed. but we finished 27 clues. we barged into someone's house, took their guitar, got their daughter to pose in a backless dress!!.....we did just about everything that we had never even imagined of. we reached back just in time!!....
there was lunch at Palmgrove. That place is so filthy. The glasses were yuck!
the food was pretty edible though. We hogged and geared up to hear the results. It was migthy difficult to keep ourselves awake on a Sunday afternoon.....the results were announced at 3. Lo and Behold we won the second prize. We got cups, a gold coin, a jewel box, Henkel Hampers, life style n Julaha vouchers, Giorgios lunch vouchers......we came back with a bag full of goodies.....and loads of great memories...the pictures are with Sandhya. I will upload them as soon as she mails them...but here is the picture of my cup!
Was my first rally and we came 2nd......wasnt it worth pulling a muscle.....or staying up on a sunday afternoon!!