Monday, August 11, 2008


Hello! its time to blog again!!
It suddenly struck me that I should write about this one beautiful relationship which most people tend to ignore- the doctor patient relationship! I love doctors no doubt! My childhood craze that continues even today. I remember my fascination for Dr Seshiah and his stethescope and the same fascination clings on even now for doctors around me. wonder if they will be generous enough like Dr Seshiah to give me their sthetescopes!!
Coming to our relationships, the relationship between a doc and a patient is something of belief and trust. It is extremely imporant to trust your doctor. the trust and belief is therapeutic enough. The other day I was at a friend's place and she said her son had a cold for the past 1 month and no antibiotics worked on it. turns out that his pediatrician was travelling and he couldnt see her. she is back and one visit to her has taken care of his cold! Yeah that is the kind of psychology that works between a doc and a patient.
As for me I dont even need medicines. Someone just called to ask me about my doc and was asking me wot medicine I was put on and I said - the doctors touch, feel, vibrations and kind words are therapetuic enough for me!!
I am quite amazed at how these things work. I got my hands on this book " doctors cry too" by Dr Frank Boehm and I fell in love with it. I wrote to him about how beautiful I found his book and he reciprocated by sending me his second book free of cost which is on doctor patient relationships!
This is a relationship that one truly needs to ponder about! After all the doctor is part of each one of our extended families and none of us could survive without that entity.
I remember how touched my doc was when she got a few hundred phone calls on the day of the tsunami to see if she was fine. " Patients calling to check if the doctor is ok...its so touching," she said. She deserves that kind of love and affection cos thats what all of us her patients receive from her.
I strongly believe that this relationship is just as beautiful as the relationship of a mother and a child. But I am still wondering how much the psychological factor works- Any idea?

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meera said...

How true! My son has been ok since then -touchewood.