Saturday, August 2, 2008

Conversions- 2

I am back after my last post which was liked by a lot of people. most of them fortunately appreciated my views.
As I had mentioned it was my best friend who wanted me to embrace Islam. I didnt....but we are still best friends. We dont get to meet often owing to crazy schedules but still....nothing can take us apart!
I am still pondering over the issue of conversions. Tomorrow I have to go for a Nikah. The invitation reads the boy's name as Yusuf alias Ranjith Mathews!! I got confused for a moment. Very reluctantly I approached the girl's grandmom and asked her why two names..that too one christian and the other muslim? She replies, " Muslims and christians are a lot alike. a lot of similatirites in the two religions and this family embraced Islam 5 years ago and had advertised in the paper saying they wanted only a muslim girl." Wow....I have never heard of christians embracing Islam. Was totally new to me. Apparently most muslims these days are insisting on the girl's wearing the hijab. and this girl does not wear a hijab and hence they found a pseudo liberal chrisian convert muslim family for her. I shall attend the wedding and add more pep to my report!
I have read the Quran and have heard and read excerpts from the Bible as well. The reason for reading the Quran was to know if Allah really said one could kill people? There is a gross misuse of this religion in the name of Allah. Jihad they say and kill thousands of innocent people.
The recent Bengaluru and Ahemdabad blasts have left me completely shooken up. The blame is on Indian Mujahideen, which is considered an off spring of the banned SIMI. Are youngsters in our country resorting to such means in the name of God?
Where are we heading to?
I thought India was known for its unity and diversity....but the whole essence of this seems to be lost when we see mass conversions, riots and other happenings in the name of religion.
It is high time we the educated Indians spread the word of tolerance and love for all religions, STOP CONVERSIONS, and accept people the way they are.

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