Monday, November 1, 2010


This is my 100th blog post and I dedicate it to Nina...who has made all the difference to my life. A poem I wrote for her a day after her birthday. Posting it only now. Hope my thoughts and feelings reach out through these words!


As I look back at the moments I felt I had grown
I remember there was still so much that was unknown
An immature kid with so many judgements and biases
I never realized that life was full of so many choices!

I made good choices and my thoughts always strong
My heart pure and my intentions never wrong
Still there was something missing and incomplete
That would make my life more meaningful and concrete!

She walked into my life like a whiff of fresh air
Told me there is a lot to learn and nothing to despair
Didn’t give me hand to hold when I cried over silly stuff
That’s because she wanted to make me all bold and tough!

Nice, intelligent, a little naughty and affable
Nina- the perfect fairy from a beautiful fable
Filled that gap and made all the difference
Helped me evolve with just her subtle presence

She is a friend who loves and cares like no other
I see in her the reflection of a beautiful mother
She taught me the beauty and the joy in sharing
I always look up to her as a friend so inspiring

A wonderful guide and friend in times of need
Pushes me at the time when I should do the deed
Encourages me to look for strength from the inner
I know she always wants me to be a winner!

I now see the world around me to be so beautiful
No longer am I biased, bitchy or judgmental
Over the last year I have grown to be serene and wise
Thank you Nina for truly being an angel in disguise!

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Pratibha Jain said...

Wow Shivani...I know how much you mean every word of this...truly glad for you! Nina must be delighted to know you feel this way!