Saturday, November 20, 2010


My blog posts during the past few months havent been regular. But now I am tempted to blog about a recent lunch- a friendship basket lunch! At the Duchess club we were asked to pick numbers from a basket.Those of us with the same numbers went to the same table. We were asked to make friends with each other. That began the friendship basket.
Prema Venkat, Sudha Suresh, Sheetal Bajaj and I were at the same table! We instantly hit off well and decided to meet post Diwali. An Sms from me and prompt replies from every one and we fixed a date and venue for lunch. But my father fell ill a few days before and I was wondering if I would have to pull out of this. But luckily he recovered.But there was something else challenging us? It was pouring the previous day and on the day but still we all made it. We met at Mahamudra- a restaurant serving simple vegetarian health food! Prema and I have known each other but we were still to know more about Sudha and Sheetal. Sudha joined us and she looked at me and asked, was your dad in Standard Pharmaceuticals? I was surprised! She told me her husband and my dad worked together 25 years ago and she has actually seen me as a 5 year old!! She even remembered my sister Nupur and my mother. My dad was delighted to get in touch with his old colleague! Sheetal I discovered lives close to my place and has joined Duchess just 5 months ago!We had a fun lunch and all of them thanked me for taking the initiative to message them and rope them into this! I happen to be the youngest in this gang also! We each have our own group of friends at the Duchess but this basket helped us make friends with each other. We hope to sit together at the next meeting. I do look forward to bonding more closely with this new group of friends I have just made!

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