Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I just realized that we are being ushered into the last week of the year! Yes 2009 is coming to an end. The year 2009 has been rather eventful. I've had several beautiful moments, several learning experiences and made many good friends. The year gave me the opportunity to write a lot! I got a health column to write, a column on colleges and a column on inspiring leaders. I also got an opportunity to do a health supplement single handedly on Mylapore. With all this writing I learnt so much. The most beautiful part of the year was the time I managed to befriend Nina. Its been amazing knowing her. I wouldve been reluctant to interact with her considering the age diff n of course her status but she eased things out for me. And I certainly believe Baba is connecting us and will keep us connected for ever. I've spent some of my happiest and most memorable moments of the year with her. From being at her stunningly beautiful beach house to attending duchess meetings and all her 02 programmes every moment spent with her made me happy! The month of August wasnt great. I went through a bad bout of depression and messed things for myself. I didnt know if things would be like before for me. A trip to Shirdi happened on 1st September. With Baba's blessings I recovered and am back to being my normal bubbly self. I have joined the Duchess club which was a long standing promise to Nina. I have had tough moments during the year in terms of business as well. But have sailed through it all. I look forward to a more beautiful, a more fulfilling and a more prosperous 2010.

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