Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Celebration of Good life!

Two weeks ago I received this beautiful invitation from a well known doctor in Chennai. Amazed at the beauty of the thought of organizing such a programme I immediately accepted to attend the party!

Dear Friend

Every once in a while someone comes along in our lives
Whose touch, smile, hug, helping hand or kind word sinks deep into our hearts
Leaving an indelible mark which warms the soul
Parties,Get togethers, Conferences, Associations, sms, Email,Phones
We hang on to these activities for this very reason
We all need somebody to back us up
This is the GOOD LIFE
Each one of you have performed that service to me over the years and I would like you to join me to celebrate my Good Life.
This is just my way of acknowledging, appreciating and thanking each of you for your love and support.
I need you to be there for me in all that I do.
Please join me for a celebration of the GOOD LIFE
Note : It is not my birthday or anniversary, so just bring yourself and your good heart. No presents please.

As I walked into the party hall I was asked to write my contact details in a notebook. The fellowship and high tea was on and I met lots of new people. All of us were curious to know what the good life celebrations was all about! Sharp at 8, with our plates in hand, we sat and watched the presentation given my doc! An amazing PPT she had different thoughts about how all of us had given her a good life! Some by being good friends, some by giving her compliments when she needed them, Some my sending her emails which left her laughing and pondering and of course by just being our good selves! She thanked all of us! And then came the part which really left us pondering. She wanted us to do something for Caregivers. She told us how people who have parents, spouses, children with disabilities or disorders which require constant care are bound to their houses. they have no space,no opportunity for an outing, no one to speak to and how helpless they are. One gentleman whose wife has alzheiemers shared his experience with us. It was indeed touching. We decided to form an egroup and start brain storming on this. Each one of us can make a difference to these care givers. A small outing once a month can make a huge difference to someone who is stuck in the 4 walls of the house! Aloha our e group is all ready to act and to make a difference!


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Meera said...

Wonderful! Shivani, this will be a wonderful experience for you to grow even as you give.

popsie said...

Thoughtful indeed!

Pritya said...

Hi Shivani, Enjoyed reading the post...a good way to celebrate!