Sunday, October 28, 2007

prayer for guidance

A prayer for guidance

Lord, bless me with peace within my heart

Help me make each day a beautiful start

Help me understand how I can make a difference

And the raison d'etre for my existence

Bless me with the courage to voice what's right

In a world where reality bites

Within the range of possibilities that I can change

Bless me with the will to do so for the better

And for those that I can't change

Help me to gracefully accept and not be bitter

For I trust in You, that You have Your reasons

So mysterious that I won't be able to comprehend

I believe You will show me why in another season

When the time is right, the explanation You will send

Bless me with the wisdom to then understand

As there is no highway to heaven on earth

Guide me in this world in each of my steps

Before I take my very last breath.

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