Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life goes on

Life goes on

Life is really one great roller-coaster ride

With trials and triumphs, taken in stride

Be positive in whatever you are doing

Open your doors to joy, and loving.

We often create miracles and survive

Pick up the pieces, onward you strive

No matter how bad your heart is hurting

Or how traumatic you are actually feeling

The whole world does not stop to grieve

Life goes on; with time you will find relief

Challenges are learning experiences really

They make you wise and strong spiritually

We're not here to fulfill people's expectations

Opinions differ; respect your own intuitions

Often we can go beyond our own limitations

Follow your inner wisdom, voice and aspirations

Love and approve of yourself with determination

Go on; persevere in life-changing decisions

Life is a voyage of chances and self-discovery

Search, tap and realise your innate potential

Get the blocks and barriers out of the way

Often self-limiting, disregard what people say

Life is so unpredictable, so set your priorities

Empower yourself and grab life's opportunities

Love is a healing force that's so powerful

Broken hearts healed with love is wonderful

Loving compassion can melt even the hardest core

There is no difficulty that love can't conquer

Be loving, lovable and be loved unconditionally

Life goes on in loving co-existence, living happily.

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