Monday, February 15, 2010

Dance, Music and Health

Dr Yamini Saripalli, a kuchipudi dancer, dermatologist enlightened us on the effect of music and dance on health. A beautiful dancer, she showed us a presentation on the effct of music and dance on the various parts of the body. Music is indeed therapeutic. From helping relieve stress, to relieving pain, helping in neurological problems, psychological problems and a lot more, music has a lot more to offer than just ragas and talas. Dr Yamini said the heart beats lub dub and she links to takki ta tha the dance beat! and Yes she says dance is like yoga and helps with problems like Ashtma, gynaecological disorders and since it is a kind of weight bearing exercise also helps to build bone density and prevent osteoporosis. An alumni Judy shared with us an incident where the flutist Ramani was recently operated upon for a tumour in the throat and his students took turns at for 48 non stop hours the ragam ananda bhairavi. A similar experience has happened with Lalgudi Jayraman who had a stroke and his students played the violin for him. He can now sing again and occassionally plays the violin too! There probably is some connection between music, dance and health. So the next time you are plugging on your head phones to listen to music remember the rock music can make your heart palpitate! and may be a good dance can help make your bones stronger.

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