Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why conversions??

The issue of conversions has been hitting me off late. I myself have gone through this phase. As a student in a missionary college time and again I had Nun's telling me Jesus loves you. I love Jesus, I love God. But I will never embrace another religion. Then came along my best friend- a muslim. here is the mail she sent me way back in 2001. I dont know how I have saved it till date-

when there is calamity at home what do you say "He will look after
things" don't you do that? why is it that you do not refer to the
multitude of gods that you worship? Because you know that
there is only one God who manages everything for us.

Idols are dead wood or stone. If men worship stars, or heroes,
or prophets or great men, they too have no life except that
which was given by Allah. In themselves they are lifeless.
If they worship figments of their imagination, they are
reflections in a double degree, and have no life in themselves.
All these are only man-made. They can neither cause harm nor
protect you from any danger leave alone protect themselves.

All these things will be raised up on the Last Day, in order
that false worshippers may be confronted with them. But they
themselves cannot tell when that Day will be.

Allah is the only Creator & the Ultimate Reality. Everything
else is created by Him, and reflects His glory. How foolish
then to worship other than Allah!

In principles of management the students are taught that every
employee should have only one boss. why? so there is no conflict
in the mind of the employee. There is no conflict between the bosses.
He has to answer only one boss & that's that.
The same principle applies here. If there were many gods then surely there
would be conflict in the running of the universe.
The Sun god would fight with the Moon god & refuse to rise in the morning.
The Cow god would refuse to give milk due to a clash with some other god.
Why is it that this is not happening? It is because the whole
universe follows only one law - the Law of Allah.

There is unity of design in the whole universe. If this great
universe inspires you with awe, surely the Power behind is more
worthy of your awe.

Everything points to Allah, the One True, Eternal God. In so
far as people do not believe this, the fault is in their Will;
they do not wish to believe, and the motive behind is arrogance,
the sin which brought about the downfall of Iblis.

Is it not then sheer madness for you to run after fancies and
man-made Gods and fail to understand and obey your true Creator.
It is delusion in you to seek other than Allah.

People say that the many gods are only reincarnations!
Why does god have to reincarnate himself when he is the all-powerful?
If you say that Rama came to this earth to ease the suffering
of people then you mean to say that this same god turns himself into a
rat to take off the suffering of rats? Does he not have the power
to control things & to manage affairs without taking forms.
If he doesn't then what is it that you are worshipping?

If your gods eat & drink like you, have wives & chidren like humans,
have mistresses,etc. then what is the difference
between you and them? What is the unique outstanding point
of your gods? The criterion that makes you worship them?
I want you to only think on these points and answer them for yourself.

Remember it is your life, your decision, your hereafter.
This life is temporal. Man was made with a purpose. It is not all
play. There is a purpose to everything we do. If you say there is
no hereafter then why has the concept of good & bad been spoken about.

It is because we expect a reward for all that we do.
when you work in a company you expect remuneration from them
- in the same way what you do on this earth you are
going to be repaid in the hereafter.

And again if you say there is no hereafter & that humans are only
reborn till they attain salvation then answer this:
You know the world is going from bad to worse. People are becoming worse off
everyday. If according to the cycle of Karma you are reborn as a bird,
or a dog or whatever due to your bad deeds then how is it that the
population of humans is increasing so drastically!
Definitley there are very few good people now - the bad reign supreme & still there
are more & more humans being born?!!!
Does this not mean that there is something wrong with the theory of birth & rebirth?

An intelligent person is not one who is worldly wise
but he who recognises the truth behind false worship and rejects
it for good.

This is what the Qur'an has to say:

Surah Al-Ikhlas or Purity (of Faith)
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

1) Say: He is Allah,
The One;

2) Allah, The Eternal, The Absolute;

3) He begetteth not,
Nor is He begotten;

4) And there is none
Like unto Him.

Al-Qur'an (Chapter 112 Verses 1-4)

So please go thru' the relevant material & decide now
for we do not know when death strikes. Clear ur doubts with me
if you want.

I invite you to accept Allah - you will have Paradise InshaAllah,
reject Him & hell will be your eternal abode with none to reclaim you.

Hope you take this seriously & act on it.
May Allah guide you. Aameen.

well I do have nothing against any religion. I have respect and tolerance for all of them. But I dont like the idea of asking someone to convert. I believe religion is a state of mind. That almighty God is one supreme being and it is we who have given him different names like Allah, Jesus, Saibaba, Ganesha, Wahe Guru.....and the list is endless. how does it make a difference if I say Sairam and u say Allah or Jesus. I think in the kind of society we live in, we all need to respect each other's feelings, thoughts and thats what essentially makes up religion.
I just hope people across the globe understand that Allah, Jesus, Saibaba, Ganesha and Wahe guru are the same. growing a beard,wearing a kurta, or wearing a cross isnt going to change you. by trying to change yourself physically or trying to change others physically you are trying to upset a whole syste- the system called family. the parents who have lovingly brought up the child, and the entire family including grand parents, aunts and uncles.
Please Please understand that GOD is just one supreme being.....that is what we Hindus- the followers of the santana dharma believe in.

P.S. I have no intentions of hurting any one's sentiments. these are just my views. please dont take anything personally

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Pb said...

I guess ours is an especially marked "crossroads" time, when there are more and more of us who are standing against fundamentalism and voicing the need for free will, esp in matters of faith. Your article is a strong expression of that belief - that everybody has an opinion and is entitled to believe in it and follow it, as long as noone else gets hurt.
cool art!