Sunday, December 9, 2007


I had the golden opportunity of watching the premiere of Mammudha by bharatalaya ( prof Sudharani Raghupathi's dance school)....I am not too well versed in classical music or dance, neither am I averse to it. Thanks to being linked to the media, I got a chance to watch the very first show. An amazing performance indeed. Sudha aunty, as we call her has completed 60 yrs in the field of dance and she did a male role for the first time. She was too good. Although she couldnt jump about and dance like the youngsters her expressions spoke for her.
Mammudha was the lover of rathi. He made the mistake of shooting an arrow at Lord Shiva, who instantly opened his thrid eye and burnt Manmatha or Mammudha as he is known in the villages. Rathi pleads Shiva and Lord Shiva promises to bring Manmatha back to life, but only visible to her. The role of Manmatha was beautifully done by Sudha aunty. I couldn't take my eyes off her when she was on stage.
The entire show was superb. From the lighting to the music, the costumes and the concept in itself was phenomenal. Kudos to Sudha aunty, Aniruddha and the entire team for such a performance.

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