Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is the connection??

During the course of our lives there are so many people whom we meet. so many friends we make. some of them come into our lives and remain there for ever. others come in for a short span and leave. there are people whom we take a liking to instantly and others whom we dont like too much despite knowing them well. I wonder why? do we have previous birth conncections with them? I have read in several places that it is our karma's and previous birth connections which determine whom we are going to meet, who our friends are, family is etc.
Recently a very dear friend lost his twelve year old son- one of the twins- and I wondered why God had to give them twins if he had to take away one of them in such tragic circumstances? It would have been worse to lose him if he were their only- may be that is why! Everybody said these were his karmas. whatever he had to take from this family he has taken and left them. very strange! How true is this?
I am still wondering how my friends of this birth connect to my previous birth? can anyone answer that question?

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popsie said...

I don't quite believe in the previous birth, present birth and future birth funda. I hence can't relate to all of this. As for some people who go away while others stay, that's how life works - it is but natural.Life is a circle that treads different paths and enroute gets us to meet a variety of species! Njoi and learn from all of this:-).