Wednesday, May 2, 2007


the summer we wld wait for them......a whole year in school wld end....more importantly the exams!!.....we would take off on a long vacation. but now these summers are getting HOTTER!........gosh you cant even step out in the afternoons. the best way to spend summer is to stay put in a nice air conditioned room and work. but what do I like about summers???- mangoes, litchi's, musk melons, swimming and a lot more. i could live on mangoes if only they werent so fattening!! how I wait to have litchis and musk melons!! yummmm......and of course loads of ice creams......gosh why do I put on weight so easily! I wish I didnt...

Anyways I love the summers for the goodies it brings with it, the time to relax that we get......but damn the heat!! I wish we could do something about it?

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