Saturday, April 28, 2007

2 glasses of milk a day!

I distinctly remember, when I was a little kid and everyone around me scoffed " drink 2 glasses of milk a day, or else you wont grow tall!!"..... and I wondered why??? I would hide under the table, behind the cupboard and did just about anything to escape drinking that yucky glass of milk!!
of course that stage passed and I didnt grow over 5 ft tall and then I heard the name of osteoporosis and that sent a shiver down my spine! then I told myself , thats only when I grow old, am sure it wont happen to me. But there had to be something better in store for me. I met a wonderful lady who told me milk isnt yuck but healthy.

I still remember my first meeting with her at my neighbour's place. I expected to see a hep young woman, and what did I see. a simple lady, with beautiful locks of curly hair left open, a chubby face like mine and a million dollar smile! and the first thing she told me was that calcium deficiency is high in Indians! .... so drink 2 glasses of milk daily.

my interaction with her began when I took my dear friend to her and she diagnosed her with osteomalacia!! gosh what was that!! soft bones which were extrememly painful!! I dont want I told myself drink 2 glasses of milk everyday......

over the years my doc, has become an aunty to me.......I no longer call her dr! she is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. simple, down to earth, and very affectionate! I no longer dread drinking milk.......I love it........and I hope to be healthy all my life as long as I listen to her!! ......which I do very faithfully!

To this wonderful lady who is not just my dr......but also a very dear aunty, a great guide and my BIGGEST u loads and loads and loads......
cheers to the 2 glasses of milk!

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